Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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From May 18

To August 6

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Consider spending a summer in Mongolia – a country rich with adventure and culture. Many claim the best part about this nation is her people, most of which are nomadic, bold and daring at heart. Interns will not only experience city life, but will also travel to places such as the Gobi Desert in the south, the Siberian Forest in the north and the traditional grazing lands that comprise the center of the country- sharing the Gospel and starting churches. Interns will experience Mongolian nomadic life, of which little has changed for thousands of years. There are several service opportunities available to interns at this location, including volunteering with UnBound’s anti-sex trafficking initiatives, teaching English, producing the World Mandate Asia conference and hosting other events such as sports camps, outreach activities and Lifegroups. Come develop relationships with long-term team members as well as disciples in neighboring villages and step into a move of God in this nation.

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